• UX


    iYOUSE Rapid UX

    iYOUSE works to evaluate your connected product, service or medical device using key UX criteria to help you understand possible areas of weakness and opportunities for creating more customer value. By conducting a “structured walkthrough”, we are able to elicit key insights about the usability and overall UX. These insights can be used to enhance UX, resulting in higher value and differentiation of your products and services.

    We will deliver a custom report, summarizing our analysis and recommendations, exclusively for your use. The Rapid-UX report is a 90-minute online session including a Q&A segment; the presentation material is sent to you in advance.

    You can use our Rapid-UX with

    • Any connected product/service.
    • Products/services of others (for competitive insight).
    • A prototype of a connected product/service prior to conducting field studies.
    • Your current UX design prior to making a large investment.
    • Communicating the desired UX strategy to your management and design teams.
  • ORM


    iYOUSE Outsourcing Relationship Management

    iYOUSE works as an outsourcing advisory, providing resources and executing strategies to take advantage of the skills and expertise of external service providers. iYouse will build understanding and synergies between the external service and your company, including appropriate in-house management/oversight and the supporting IT infrastructure to enable monitoring and management of these external service providers. We offer a specialized value added service bringing our expertise to bear in the following areas:

    • User Experience requirements and design for connected products and services.
    • User interface development on web and mobile platforms.
    • Social media presence management.
    • Business research and competitive analysis.
    • Intellectual property research, analysis, and evaluation.

    Some 65 percent of chief executives and other leaders say they will have to make fundamental changes in their businesses in the next few years -- they’re placing increasing emphasis on differentiating themselves through innovation in the basics of their business models. They believe that external collaboration across their business ecosystems will yield a multitude of innovative ideas.

  • TIPS


    iYOUSE Technology and Intellectual Property Strategy

    iYOUSE works as a technology and IP strategic advisory to high-tech companies. We help our clients understand and characterize new and upcoming technologies across multiple industries (e.g., Electronics, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Education, Consumer Goods). We analyze the intersection of Technology, Business, People and Intellectual Property to evaluate and qualify opportunities. We study the company DNA and use it to assess present and future capabilities that will be required.

    • Develop predictive models that characterize and highlight areas of opportunity for technology licensing.
    • Develop and manage an opportunity portfolio of projects related to licensing programs.
    • Develop core strategies for the end to end process of finding to launching new licensing programs.
    • Develop and successfully launch qualified licensing opportunities.